best exfoliator for sensitive Skin: 8 preparations that remove dead skin

Even if you have sensitive skin, you may still exfoliate your face. On the contrary, you can do this step. provided that you. choose a face scrub for sensitive skin that contains vitamins and natural ingredients such. as green tea, clay, charcoal and others. These substances calm the skin and avoid irritability. If you have sensitive skin, these are the best exfoliants for you.

best exfoliator for sensitive skin.

best exfoliator for sensitive Skin

best exfoliator for sensitive skin.

1-face scrub La Roche Posay

This scrub from La Roche Posay exfoliates. the skin with the aim of removing dead cells for a glowing and fresh face. All skin types, especially sensitive skin, can benefit from this product.

face scrub

face scrub La Roche Posay.

2-Tatcha Rice Polish face scrub

Because it contains nutritious Japanese rice. this scrub eliminates dead skin cells. and renews the freshness of sensitive skin.

face scrub

Tatcha Rice Polish face scrub.

3-Clinique face scrub

You can use this product from Clinique, as an exfoliant and face mask. It detoxifies and exfoliates the skin thanks to the content. of natural bamboo charcoal and kaolin clay.

face scrub

Clinique face scrub.

4-Cetaphil face scrub

Cetaphil face scrub supports natural surface cell turnover. which helps soften sensitive skin thanks to its glycerin and vitamins B5 and E.

face scrub

Cetaphil face scrub.

5-Elf  face scrub

This exfoliant from Elf removes dead skin, and is suitable for sensitive skin. as it does not contain harsh substances.

face scrub

Elf  face scrub.

6-Nivea face scrub

If you have sensitive skin, you can resort to this Nivea face scrub. as it contains 100% natural ingredients such as organic rice and berries.

face scrub

Nivea face scrub.

7-aveeno face scrub

This product is ideal for sensitive skin because it contains castor oil and jojoba oil. It works to rejuvenate the face. by removing old skin cells and restoring its youthfulness.

face scrub

aveeno face scrub.

8-SIMPLE Smoothing Face Scrub

This scrub contains vitamins. the most important of which is vitamin e. which helps in regenerating and softening the skin. It also gives the skin a deep moisturiser.

face scrub

SIMPLE Smoothing Face Scrub.

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