cleaning sensitive skin and tips for caring for it

cleaning the skin is one of the most important stages of sensitive skin care. because it gently cleanses it without having any negative effects and leaves it feeling clean and fresh. It is important to choose for sensitive skin a cleansing lotion that enhances the barrier function. and protects against skin moisture loss. use a face cleanser with a water formula or something known as micellar water if you have sensitive skin.

the latter are made from micelles particles and are a kind of oil trapped in water. which purifies the skin and quickly removes dirt from the pores. In accordance with your sensitive skin type, micellar water washes the face, gets rid of pollutants, and leaves you with clear, fresh skin. on the other hand, you can cleanse sensitive skin through natural mixtures, which we will present to you in the following lines.

how to care for sensitive skin.

cleaning sensitive skin

cleaning sensitive skin.

cleansing sensitive skin with avocado and honey

avocado is rich in a large group of vegetable oils that prevent dryness of sensitive skin. due to the content of useful healthy oils, antioxidants such as alpha carotene. beta carotene, beta cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin and lutein. these compounds fight free radicals and improve the quality and appearance of the skin.

start preparing the cleanser by mashing the avocado well in a clean container. Then add a quarter cup of honey to it, mix the ingredients thoroughly, apply the mask to your sensitive skin and leave for a third of an hour. Wash your face and dry with a towel soaked in cold water.

cleansing sensitive skin with avocado and aloe vera gel

mash half a fresh avocado and add a spoonful of fresh aloe vera gel to it. Then spread a thick layer of this mask on the skin of the face and neck and leave for 30 minutes before washing your skin with cool water. Repeat this treatment twice a week to keep your sensitive skin supple and youthful.

cleansing sensitive skin with coconut oil and honey

bring a small bowl and put the following ingredients in IT: 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of natural bee honey. a spoonful of baking soda with some essential oils such as lavender or vanilla. then mix the ingredients well until homogeneous.

you can put the mixture in a clean bottle and cover it until use. when using, take drops of lotion, massage the skin or body and neck with it and leave for 3 minutes. you can remove the mixture and get rid of the lotion on the face with warm water or with a damp cotton swab. after that, the skin is moisturized by using coconut oil.

tips for caring for sensitive skin.

choose a toner suitable for sensitive skin

sensitive skin is more prone to redness and burns than others. therefore, to avoid all these negative things, it is preferable to apply a toner that soothes the skin. It is also advisable to stay away from toner preparations that contain artificial fragrances. and chemicals and resort to a toner based on ingredients that soothe the skin, such as aloe vera.

use a sensitive-skin-friendly sunscreen

applying sunscreen is a very important step that must be applied daily for sensitive skin. because it needs protection from sunlight. but you should stay away from chemical sunscreen that absorbs UVA and long-term ultraviolet rays, preventing them from penetrating the skin.

apply a physical sunscreen that contains metal elements such as titanium and zinc oxide that reflect and disperse harmful sunlight before it penetrates the skin. It also protects it from the sun's long ultraviolet, medium UVA and UVB rays. also, be sure to use a lotion that does not contain fragrances that increase skin irritation and redness.

choose a special primer for sensitive skin

applying a primer is an important step in caring for sensitive skin. as it moisturizes and soothes the skin, allows makeup to blend in easily. look for a primer that contains essential oils such as almond oil, as it is nourishing and gentle on the skin.

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