dry hands in winter and steps to get rid of hand cracks

Problems with dry skin of the hands abound in winter for several reasons. which, consequently, lead to an increase in cracks and making them rough. The incidence of dehydration in the hands is higher than in any other part. of the as they are one of the body parts that are most exposed to the elements throughout the winter. As a result, you must first understand the root reasons of this issue before acting on some of the advice. we have provided below in order to prevent and treat dry hands throughout this chilly season.

dry hands in winter

dry hands in winter.

Causes of dry hands in winter

  • Wash hands frequently with hot water. because hot water removes the natural oils present in the skin, and this exposes it to more dryness.
  • also contributing to the dryness of the hands are the chemicals in soap.
  • The heat generated by heating appliances and wood stoves reduces moisture, dries the skin.
  • The main contributing element is the weather since the skin. becomes drier as the temperature and humidity decline in the winter.

5 steps to treat dry and cracked hands in winter.

1-Wash your hands with warm water to treat dry and cracked hands in winter

Do not use hot water, especially in winter. because it removes the natural oils that keep your Replace it with warm or cold water. if you can handle the chill to keep your skin healthy. dry hands may be prevented and treated with this strategy.

2-resort to organic soap to treat dry and cracked hands in winter

Replace regular soap that contains chemicals. with organic soap that does not contain ingredients harmful to the skin such as sodium laureth sulfate, parabens. palm oil and other industrial products. Experts also recommend introducing organic soap into the dry skin care routine.

as it effectively nourishes and moisturizes it thanks to the lipid base on which it is based. from natural oils such as coconut oil, shea butter and other ingredients that help remove toxins to improve skin texture.

3-Apply a moisturizing cream in order to treat dry and cracked hands in winter

It is true that moisturising the skin of the hands is very important at all times and seasons. However, its importance doubles in winter. Apply a moisturizing cream on your hands daily to provide them with the necessary moisture. get rid of cracks and even to avoid this problem.

4-resort to skin peeling in order to treat dry and cracked hands in winter

It will be very useful for you to use a hand scrub to get rid of dead skin cells accumulated on the surface of the skin in winter. Your hands will become supple and moist, protecting you from cracks. Therefore, it is important to adhere to exfoliating the skin of the dry hands at most once or twice a week. taking care to choose products that contain natural oils in their ingredients.

5-put on gloves to treat dry and cracked hands in winter

Low temperatures may impair the normal blood circulation and thus cause dehydration. since exposure to cold weather is one of the most prevalent causes of hand cracks. So you should wear special protective gloves in winter to better cope with this problem.

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