Face wash for sensitive skin combination skin and normal skin

The composition of the face wash is suitable for the owners of sensitive skin

This skin type is more prone to redness, irritations. and burns than others, distorting your appearance. To get started, go to:

  • a face wash with a creamy formula gel or liquid, but make sure that it is free of exfoliating substances. such as granulated sugar or salt, for example.
  • a face wash that contains ingredients that soothe your skin irritations through green tea. chamomile, aloe vera and polyphenols.
  • These ingredients cleanse your skin from the depths of causing irritation and thus help you maintain a fresh face.
  • An oil-free face wash is preferred because it may be rough on the skin and cause pores to expand. making the skin more sensitive to hazardous environmental influences.

1-Kiehl's face wash

Kiehl's face wash

.Kiehl's face wash

2-Avene face wash

Avene face wash

.Avene face wash

3-uriage extra-rich face wash

uriage extra-rich face wash

.uriage extra-rich face wach

The composition of the face wash is suitable for the owners of mixed skin

The combination of Combination Skin is different from dry and oily skin. and is generally a combination of both. Those with mixed skin inevitably notice more oil, especially on the forehead, nose, and chin. while the other parts are normal or dry, and vary from person to person. For the owner of this type of skin, turn to:

  • a face wash with a gel formula that helps moisturize the skin and get rid of excess oil. thanks to its basic formula that contains water.
  • a vitamin E-rich face cleanser that hydrates the skin from the inside out without promoting oil production. It also helps to close the pores, which reduces the appearance of pimples.
  • The lotion contains oils that suit the owner of oily skin, which are: sandalwood oil, jojoba oil and sage Clary oil. These oils hydrate the skin while also absorbing greasy skin oils, giving it a more youthful appearance.

1-Garnier skin active face wash

Garnier skin active face wash

.Garnier skin active face lotion

2-Lamer face wash

Lamer face wash

.Lamer face wash

3-Clarins face wash

Clarins face wash

.Clarins face wach

The composition of the face lotion suitable for the owner of normal skin

This type of skin does not require any accuracy or special attention. If you belong to this category, you are of course lucky and you can turn to:

  • a face wash with a creamy, gel or liquid formula, depending on your preference. All these compositions will equally cleanse your skin from the depths. but if you manage additional moisturizing we advise you to choose a karmic lotion.
  • a face wash that contains any type of oil. There are no specific oils required, rather, you may use any natural oils of your choice. They are all present. They will offer your face brightness and luster, as well as prevent wrinkles, dullness, and other age indications.
  • The facial lotion that comes in the form of cleansing foam will help you keep your skin smoother.

1-origins face wash

origins face wash

.origins face wash

2-Nivea face wash

Nivea face wash

.Nivea face wash

3-Vichy face wash

Vichy face wash

.Vichy face wash

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