night skincare routine with easy steps

evening skincare routine with easy steps. as you know, it is very important to follow a specific skin care routine morning and evening. in order to maintain a radiant skin. and fight aesthetic problems such as wrinkles, acne. dark spots and others.

from here, after applying a morning skincare routine and after a long day of exposure to sunlight. external factors or even applying makeup for long periods. it's time to take specific steps in the evening to cleanse your skin from the depths.

to get rid of all deposits and to nourish your face before bedtime. in this article you will find the most important information you need to know about the evening skincare routine. specifically the steps you need to follow in the evening. and simple night skincare routine steps.

night skincare routine steps

night skincare routine steps.

steps of the evening skincare routine

  • in the night skincare routine apply a little of any natural oil to the lips and make circular movements. use a cotton swab and wipe off the oil and lipstick to get rid of all the rouge without chapping and dry lips.

  • we recommend you to use olive oil as it increases the softness of the skin. and moisturizes it helps in removing bacteria and skin infections.

  • try a micellar water product with an oily formula and apply it on a cotton swab. apply a cotton swab to each eye for about a minute and a half so that the product penetrates. thus dissolving the makeup composition. specifically mascara, and it becomes easier to remove. in this article you will learn the correct way to remove eye makeup.

  • in the night skincare routine apply a little micellar water on a cotton swab and clean the face with it to remove makeup. micellar water helps remove sebum and dirt stuck in your skin. and cleanses it from the depth. which restores vitality to the face. also, this product is especially useful for owners of oily skin. as it works to get rid of excess oil secretions.

  • in the night skincare routine wet your face with moderately hot water. and choose a face wash suitable for your skin type to cleanse the face. make circular movements over the entire face. and neck for 3 minutes to make sure that all deposits and dirt are eliminated. pat the towel on the face to get rid of water and dry the skin.

  • pat your fingers on the face to trigger blood circulation and prepare the skin for skin care products. to learn the right way to do this step.

  • in the night skincare routine wipe your face with rose water to moisturize the skin. rose water plays an important role in treating inflammation. and in clearing up pimples and acne since it has anti-inflammatory ingredients that clean the skin.

  • use your fingertips to pat the skin after applying the serum. to help the skin absorb this product and to stimulate blood circulation. each serum is based on a specific benefit for the skin. and it can also combine more than one benefit. so look for a serum suitable for your skin type and help solve the problems you face.

  • in the night skincare routine apply a moisturizer to the skin in circular motions. the moisturizing cream, of course, as its name implies. moisturizes the skin, makes it look healthier. and also helps protect the skin from harmful sunlight.

  • apply shea butter to the eyes. shea butter contains vitamins A, E and F that help tighten the skin. and it is also rich in fatty acids that promote collagen production for wrinkle-free.
  • and pimple-free skin. to learn the right way to do this step. in addition to massaging the eye contour with shea butter. you can apply it to the face only 3 times a week.

  • in the night skincare routine apply shea butter to the lips. this ingredient works as a natural balm that helps you get rid of cracks. in addition to being absorbed by the lips quite easily.

  • in the night skincare routine do facial massage exercises to stimulate blood circulation and thus fight wrinkles. as well as to help the skin absorb skin care products. and thus the results appear faster.

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