Oily skin care routine before bed

Oily skin requires special and careful attention, it is one of the types that face impurities as a result of excess oily secretions, which in turn lead to the appearance of acne, pimples, dark spots, melasma and blackheads. From here, the owner of oily skin should follow a specific care routine, especially before bedtime, to protect her face from problems that may bother her. What is this routine based on You will find the answer below.

oily skin care routine

.oily skin care routine

Oily skin care routine before bed

The routine of oily skin care before bedtime is not complicated but requires precision, especially in terms of choosing the right combination of products. Here are the most important steps to follow:

Clean oily skin and remove makeup

After a stressful and long day, start your oily skin care routine before bed, removing makeup and thoroughly cleansing the face. Go for an oil-free cleanser and choose one enriched with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or zinc; elements that do not close pores and protect the skin from all impurities, the most important of which are pimples.

Also, using a facial cleanser made of clay or charcoal is also suitable for those with oily skin, as these two ingredients work to clean the skin from the depths, help absorb excess oils and purify pores. Here are 3 facial cleansers for oily skin.

Oily skin care routine

.facial cleansers for oily skin

You may also use makeup remover instead of detergent, as long as it is oil-free.

Note: the ideal temperature of water for washing oily skin is that of medium, neither too hot nor too cold. Also, do not dry your face with a towel intended for your body, as using a towel that is not intended only for your face may transmit bacteria to you and the appearance of pimples.

On the other hand, be sure to change the towel daily so that dirt does not move to your face from day to day.

Apply toner to oily skin

Toner helps in the delicate cleaning of the skin, especially the oily ones in which oils accumulate, clogging the pores. Also, it helps to alleviate redness and irritations. After washing the face, moisten a small cotton swab with toner and pass it on your skin, especially on the face and neck, in circular motions from the inside out. You can resort to buying a regular toner or prepare a natural one at home, tailored to your skin type.

How natural toner works for oily skin

- How to make a natural toner from sea salt

As part of the steps to prepare a natural toner for oily skin, use iodine-free sea salt and prepare a natural toner that enhances the freshness and radiance of your skin and reduces the severity of pimples .Put the water in a pot on the fire, bring to a boil and add 4 tablespoons of iodine-free sea salt to it. Wait for the mixture to cool and place in the empty spray can.

Sprinkle a sea salt toner on your face 30 minutes before bedtime to dry. Be sure to keep the toner out of your eyes and wipe it with cotton to distribute it well over the skin and make it penetrate properly.

- How to make a natural green tea toner

Green tea contains Tannis acid, which heals facial pores in oily skin, removes the amount of excess oil and dead skin cells. It also contains catechins and anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to reducing redness caused by acne, the appearance of scars and pimples.

Brew a cup of green tea and set aside to cool, then use a cotton swab, moisten with green tea and apply to your skin. 

Peeling oily skin

Dermabrasion, is an important step that helps move blood, regenerate the skin layers and improve the quality of the fabric. But the owner of oily skin, do this step twice a week no more or it will bring a negative result such as clogged pores.

For a double-effective result, choose a scrub that contains salicylic acid and butylated hydroxytoluene BHA which reduces pimples and removes dead skin.

Application of a face mask for oily skin

Applying the right mask, once or twice a week, helps oily skin get rid of shine and wide pores, and also reduces the likelihood of pimples.

It is important that the composition of the mask is matte, oil-free. Also, look for a product that contains clay that cleans pores and limits the secretion of fat. Here are 3 masks suitable for oily skin.

oily skin care routine

.masks suitable for oily skin

Moisturizing oily skin

Moisturizing oily skin needs hydration, but not intensive to avoid the release of oils. It is important that the moisturizer is suitable for the skin type, has a high water content and is oil-free. You can also resort to a serum formula that is better for oily skin, as it absorbs it faster.

Important note  

The oily skin care routine before bed, which we have provided you with the steps above, does not apply if you follow a medical treatment dedicated to fighting acne and fat. In this case, it is very necessary to consult a doctor about the possibility of using the products mentioned above with the treatments used, in order to avoid any side effects.

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