shower skincare routine for face and body skin

i finished taking a shower, dried your hair and went out of the house. but wait, haven't you forgotten something how about taking care of your face and body after taking a shower. there are some important steps that you need to adhere to to maintain the freshness and purity of the skin. never forget it no matter how much you are in a hurry. find out what these things are that you need to do immediately. after finishing the shower to enjoy the most beautiful skin of the body and face. skin care after the shower 6 steps to get face and body skin.

6 steps you need to do to keep your skin fresh after bathing.

shower skincare routine

shower skincare routine.

1-dry the skin with a suitable towel after bathing

one of the most important criteria that you should pay attention to. when choosing a towel is the fabric from which it is made. to dry the skin of the face or body, look for one designed from microfiber or what is known as microfiber. this fabric dries lightly without absorbing nourishing natural oils.

2-do not dry strongly after bathing

after finishing the shower. you need to dry the skin of your face and body without pulling hard on the skin. simply pat with the right towel, so as to avoid skin irritation and redness.

3-washing facial skin after bathing

after finishing the shower, do not forget to wash your face with cold water using a face wash. in order to re-close the pores, especially if you were taking a hot shower. this step also helps to get rid of shampoo deposits that may be attached to the skin of the face.

4-apply a face mask after bathing

it is true that you can apply. a face mask before washing the body and hair, but its effect doubles after bathing. this step is one of the most important steps for skin care immediately after taking a shower. as it helps moisturize the skin of the face and return freshness to it again.

5-moisturize the skin immediately after bathing

after bathing, the skin of your face and body becomes almost dry. so it is very important to moisturize it to restore freshness to it again. the components of the moisturizing cream penetrate into the upper layers of the skin to make the skin softer and more elastic. apply a moisturizing cream immediately after the shower, which helps the skin to get nutrients. and minerals to enhance its youth and moisture.

6-yes to using a serum for the skin after bathing

using a moisturizing cream is not enough. you also have to apply a special serum for the skin of the body and another for the face. in order to increase the moisture of the skin, as it can penetrate all layers of the skin faster than a moisturizing cream. this step is very necessary after bathing to maintain the freshness and moisture of the skin.

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