Suitable face lotion for the owner of dry skin and oily skin

You may be one of those ladies who uses face wash on a daily basis, yet your skin remains dry, unsupple, and clogged with pollutants. Why?

Simply because you are using a face wash formula that is not suitable for your skin type. Therefore, be sure to choose the right product for your skin. as each type of skin requires special care. To make this process easier for you. we will introduce you to the composition of the face wash suitable for each skin.

The right facial lotion formula for every skin type

The composition of the face lotion suitable for the owner of dry skin

dry skin suffers from fissures and a loss of freshness, necessitating continuous hydration. When shopping for a face cleanser, look for one that contains both hydrating and nourishing components, such as:

  • a face wash that has a creamy formula and stays away from gel or liquid lather. The creamy formula is the best and strongest on dry skin.
  • as it penetrates deep into the pores and passes through the upper layer of the skin to moisturize from the depths.
  • a face wash containing milk rich in vitamin A, D and lactic acid. which helps moisturize and soften the skin.
  • Vitamin D also aids in the reduction of fine wrinkles and the stimulation of collagen formation in the skin. From here, turn to the lotion rich in milk. being one of the most moisturizing ingredients thanks to its formula that penetrates the skin.
  • a natural oil-rich face cleanser that hydrates the skin without creating pimples or toxicosis. We advise you to choose products that contain: argan oil, tea tree oil, chamomile oil or lavender oil.

1-La Roche Posay face wash

face wach

La Roche-Posay toleriane gentle moisturizing cleanser.

2-Estee Lauder face wach

face wach

ESTÉE LAUDER Soft Clean Moisture Rich.

3-cerave face wash

cerave face wach

cerave face wach Moisturizing Facial Cleanser.

face lotion is suitable for the owners of oily skin

Because this skin generates a lot of oil, grains and pimples are more likely to appear on your face. Look for a face cleanser that has ingredients that help decrease oil production, close pores, and heal pimples, such as:

  • face lotion with gel composition. This sort of solution cleans the pores from the inside out without increasing the amount of oil that is produced.
  • A face moisturizer that is almost oil-free or contains oil-controlling chemicals. That example, you may buy a lotion with essential oily skin like lemon or rosemary.
  • since these ingredients fight pimples and inflammation and thus will work for the benefit of your skin.
  • A face wash containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that does not clog pores and protects the skin from all pollutants, including pimples.

1-L'oreal Paris Face Wash

face wach

.L'ORÉAL Paris Pure Clay cleanser

2-Neutrogena face Wash

face wach

.Neutrogena face Wash

3-Bioderma face Wash

face wach

.Bioderma face Wash

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