8 essential tips for using skin care products and tools

What are some good tips for skin care, Basic tips in the use of skin care products and tools, to maintain the clarity of the skin. Skin care is inevitable if we want to enjoy a radiant look and maintain youthful skin.

Hence the importance of realizing the most important basic rules in the use of skin care products and tools beauty supply.

The most important of these rules lies in the correct way to use cosmetic products, applying products in the correct order, resorting to appropriate techniques and many other details that help you reach your goal. Here are 8 essential tips for using skin care products and tools and beauty supply.

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8 essential tips for using skin care products and tools.

8 essential tips for using skin care products and tools and beauty supply

1- Apply your skincare products in the right order

Following the wrong order of applying skincare products may nullify the effect of each of them. And you will get a shy or sometimes negative result even though you do all the steps of your skincare routine.

Here is the ideal base for skin care, whether in the evening or in the morning to get the results you desire. what is the correct order to apply skin care?

Correct order to apply skincare products in the morning

  1. Face wash.
  2. toner.
  3. medicated products.
  4. serum.
  5. eye cream.
  6. lotion cream.
  7. The sun visor.

Correct order to apply skincare products in the evening

  1. makeup remover.
  2. Face wash.
  3. toner.
  4. medicated products.
  5. serum.
  6. eye cream.
  7. lotion cream.

2- Don't apply skincare products only to your face

You always take care of your face skin, apply lotions and forget your neck! From today onwards, you will remember to extend your moisturizing cream to this area that will expose your true age in the future unless you take the advice!

You do not have to buy a special product to care for the neck, all you have to do is consider it an extension of your face and provide the same routine.

3- Choose the right products for your skin type

The basic skin care products are: face wash, toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer.

From here, it is very necessary to choose these products with the appropriate combination for your skin type in order to get clear results and not to cause aesthetic problems such as pimples on the face.

So, whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, combination or normal skin, choose the right one for you.

4- Choose products that target an aesthetic problem you face

Just like choosing the right product for your skin type whether it is dry, oily, sensitive, normal or combination, it is also important to choose the right product for the aesthetic problem you are facing.

For example, if you have puffy eyes, don't buy the product that treats dark circles just because people have good opinions about it.

So, choose a face wash, toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer according to the aesthetic problem you want to address.

5- Invest in the original tools

In recent years, aesthetic tools, such as the derma roller, have entered the beauty world and become very popular and must-have tools in the skin care routine.

From here, be sure to choose the original tools. Beauty supply For example, when choosing a Jade Roller, make sure that the stone is genuine, as a fake may heat up quickly and thus cause damage to the skin.

6- Don't forget to clean your skin care tools

Just as you clean your makeup tools, it's very important to clean and sanitize your skin care tools.

Jade Roller, Derma Roller, Ice Roller and others are all tools on which germs, bacteria and infections are stuck, so it is necessary to clean them well before and after each use.

7- Use the lotion for at least 6 weeks before you judge it

Use the product regularly for at least 6 weeks, unless you notice that it causes skin irritation or redness.

Before this period, do not judge the product and do not stop using it, considering that it did not give you any effective results.

8- Don't forget to check your skincare history

From time to time, do not forget to check the history of skin care products, because in many cases we use the product for very long periods, and it becomes ineffective over time.

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