Moisturizer Cream: Its benefits, how to choose it and the right way to apply it

Moisturizer Cream its benefits, how to choose it and the right way to apply it. Moisturizing the skin is one of the important steps in each lady's routine, without which the face becomes dry and fresh. Of course, face moisturizer to provide the skin with the necessary moisture, the moisturizer cream should be applied.

You may be familiar with some facts about this product, but you may lose sight of some information you don't know about. From here, we'll reveal everything you need to know about moisturizer cream, so you're fully informed, from its benefits to how it's chosen and the right way to apply it.

moisturizing cream and best moisturizer for face
moisturizing cream and best moisturizer for face.

How do you use moisturizing cream and best moisturizer for face

1- benefits of moisturizer cream

Moisturizer cream moisturizes skin

As its name indicates, moisturizing cream moisturizes the skin and makes it look healthier.

Moisturizer cream protects skin from UV rays

UV light directly affects skin moisture and can damage skin health. The moisturizer cream protects the skin from rays.

Moisturizer cream makes skin fresh

Since moisturizing cream provides moisture to the skin, this leads to a fresh and glowing face.

Moisturizer cream fights wrinkles

Dry and pale skin is more likely to age, so when you moisturize the skin you'll get a wrinkle-free young face. Here's to you best moisturizer for dry, aging skin.

2- How to choose the right moisturizer cream for your skin type

When choosing a moisturizer cream, it is essential to consider your skin type, so that you can make the most of its benefits.

Moisturizer cream suitable for dry skin:

If your skin is dry skin, you definitely need to moisturize it permanently. Go to a moisturizer cream that contains at least one of these ingredients:

hyaluronic, glycerin, ceramide, urea, salicylic acid, antioxidants, aloe Vera and more. These ingredients will provide your skin with all the moisture needed for long periods of time.

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best moisturizer for dry skin:

Moisturizer cream suitable for dry skin
Moisturizer cream suitable for dry skin.

1. Drunk Elephant La la Retro Whipped Moisturizer with Ceramides.

2. Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid face moisturizer.

Moisturizing cream suitable for oily skin:

If you have greasy oily skin, you are more likely to develop acne. Therefore, it is necessary to use the right moisturizer cream for your skin so that excess discharge does not increase oils.

From here, choose the oil-free and also natural product to the moisturizer cream with an extinguisher formula that removes the shine caused by excessive oil secretion in your face.

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best moisturizer for oily skin:

Moisturizing cream suitable for oily skin
Moisturizing cream suitable for oily skin.

1. Olay Total Effects 7in1 Mature skin Therapy Moisturizer 50 ml.

2. Cetaphil Derma control Oil absorbing Moisturizer spf 30.

Moisturizing cream suitable for mixed skin:

If you notice that your face is greasy in specific areas such as the forehead, nose and chin, while the other parts are dry, it means you have mixed skin.

It is therefore necessary to choose a moisturizing cream that addresses the contrast between oily and dry skin. Therefore, a light, water-based moisturizer cream is your best choice.

Choose it oil-free so that impurities do not appear in the fatty area.

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best moisturizer for mixed skin:

Moisturizing cream suitable for mixed skin
Moisturizing cream suitable for mixed skin.

1. Garnier skin active Southing 3 in 1 Face Moisturizer with Rose water.

2. Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Matifying Fluid.

Moisturizer cream suitable for sensitive skin:

If you have sensitive skin, use fragrance-free moisturizing cream, preservatives, and salicylic iron. Also, go to the product that contains a sun protection agent indicator.

best moisturizing cream for sensitive skin:

Moisturizer cream suitable for sensitive skin
Moisturizer cream suitable for sensitive skin.

1. The Body shop aloe Soothing day Cream.

2. La Roche- posay Toleriane Ultra moisturizing cream.

3- application of moisturizer cream come within the skin care routine?

In what order does the application of moisturizer cream should be applied after face lotion, toner, treatment products and serum, i.e. comes in fifth place, due to its heavy composition.

This method will help you get the benefits of moisturizer cream.

4- The right amount to apply moisturizer cream

The amount varies between day moisturizer cream and night moisturizer cream:

  • Day moisturizer cream: Apply only 2 grains of coffee.
  • Night Moisturizer Cream: Apply a small grain of grapes.

5- The way to apply moisturizer cream

Put the amount we revealed to you above when applying moisturizer cream, then use your fourth finger because it is lighter on your skin, and extend the cream to the whole face without tightening.

6- How many times should I apply moisturizer cream per day?

Apply moisturizing creams twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening, to get your skin the moisture needed and to remain fresh and glowing all the time.

7- Should the same moisturizer cream be used in the morning and evening?

For protected and young skin, it's best to use both a day's moisturizer cream and a night time cream and not to dispense with either. Why? Because:

During the day, the skin is exposed to many factors that damage it, most notably ultraviolet sunlight and pollution.

The day moisturizer cream therefore plays the role of a defender who protects the skin from these factors. In addition, the facial skin should quickly absorb the cream under make-up, to avoid damage. So these conditions should be available in the morning cream.

During sleep, facial skin treats impurities, repairs itself and regenerates cells.

At night, away from the sun, the skin has enough time to absorb the ingredients of the evening moisturizer cream, so it doesn't mind being thick because it's rich in ingredients. He's playing the role of a flawed reformer and an aging warrior.

8- Indications that moisturizer cream is harmful to your skin

Most of the time, your facial skin tries to tell you that moisturizing cream hurts your skin. There are 5 indicators that assure you that you should look for another product:

The smell of moisturizing cream

If you don't like the aroma of moisturizer cream for any reason, this is an indication that your skin won't accept it either. The smell is a warning sign that your skin will not get the benefits of this product, and can therefore harm it.

So it's very important before buying this product to smell it, and you'd better choose these fragrance-free creams, especially if you're a sensitive or greasy oily skin.

Fire in the skin when applying moisturizer cream

If you feel a fire after applying moisturizer cream to your skin, this indicates that there is a pH problem. In other words, there has been a malfunction in the functioning of skin cells and their pH balance, making the moisturizer cream harmful to your skin.

So we recommend applying this product behind your ears before putting it on your face, to make sure it doesn't cause you a fire.

Inflamed blisters after applying moisturizer cream

 The lack of regeneration of your skin cells causes dead skin to gather, causing inflamed pimples to appear.

This indicator can tell you that the formula of moisturizer cream and overuse it does not work. Therefore, we advise you to stop applying this product immediately and replace it with another.

Melia blisters after using moisturizer cream

If you notice the combination of white pimples under the skin, after a while of using the moisturizer cream, know that this product does not fit your skin type. So once these pimples appear, immediately stop applying them.

9- How long does it take for the moisturizer cream to interact with your skin?

Moisturizing creams are skin care products that show their immediate impact on the skin, thanks to their glycerin-rich ingredients, and remain effective for 6 to 24 hours.

The time it takes to start interacting with your skin and to increase its freshness and suppleness is two to three days. Then the definite results will appear and you notice the difference at least two weeks after their application.

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