What is the correct steps for apply skincare cream

the right way to apply skin care cream and benefit from it. do you use a skin care cream, i.e. night cream and day cream. but you do not get the desired result are you sure that the product is suitable for your skin type.

but you do not benefit from it well the problem may be in the way the lotion is applied! do not lose sight of the importance of applying this lotion in the right way, so as to avoid any skin problems. and thus take advantage of the properties of night cream and day cream to get young, supple. and hydrated skin at the same time. find out how in the following lines:

steps for apply skincare cream
steps for apply skincare cream.

The correct way to apply a skin care cream

1-clean the skin

step:1 for apply skincare cream first you have to clean your skin well using a face wash, in order to get rid of all the stuck dirt and so that you can take advantage of the skin care cream.

2-put the skin care cream in the right order

step:2 for apply skincare cream putting the skin care cream in the right order within the aesthetic routine following the wrong order of applying the care products. may invalidate the effect of each of them.

and you will get an unsatisfactory result. therefore, be sure to apply the day cream after the eye cream and before the sunscreen.

and the night cream apply it after the eye cream as a last step, to benefit from the benefits of the lotion. and eventually get a fresh and youthful skin.

3-use the right amount of skin care cream

step:3 for apply skincare cream if you think that over-applying a skin care cream will give you a quick result. you are deeply mistaken! on the contrary, your skin will not be able to absorb that large amount, which causes irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

all you have to do is apply the right amount of day cream, which is the amount of two coffee beans. and the night cream you do not need more than the amount of a small grape.

4-patting the skin care cream instead of rubbing

step:4 for apply skincare cream after you have applied the skin care cream all over your face in the right amount. use your fourth finger because it is lighter on your skin. pat the cream and stretch it all over your face without tightening.

apply it from the inside and up to the outside, that is, from the jaw and upwards towards the cheeks.

do not forget to adopt the method of patting gently instead of tightening, in order to stimulate blood circulation. and help the skin absorb the cream in the right way.

5-Wait a little before applying makeup on the skin

step:5 for apply skincare cream do not apply makeup immediately after applying the product. but wait a little while until it is completely absorbed by the skin. this method will help you get its benefits and enjoy a young and supple skin.

so, follow this simple method of applying night cream or day cream. which lies in the steps above, in order to reduce facial redness, the appearance of fine lines and signs of aging. in addition, this means limits the disturbed lymphatic system, which prevents puffiness of the face.

also, during the patting process, the cream is evenly distributed, penetrates deep into your skin. and guarantees you a satisfactory result and blemish-free skin.

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