A beauty routine that helps whiten the skin in the summer

Step by step, beauty routine that helps whiten skin in the summer skin. During the summer, the skin is exposed to strong sunlight, which may cause redness or darkening.

To avoid this problem and maintain the whiteness of the skin in the summer, you only need to follow the following steps. Here is skin care in summer at home.

summer skin
beauty routine that helps whiten the skin in the summer.

How to whiten the skin during the summer

How can I improve my complexion in summer, here is home remedies for skin whitening summer facial at home.

1- Clean the skin with a face wash

The first and basic step is to whiten the skin, by choosing a suitable lotion for your skin type or making a natural mixture.

How can you prepare lotion at home? All you have to do is mix one tablespoon of milk with two tablespoons of rose water, and pass the mixture on the skin through a cotton swab, and thus wash the face with water.

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2- Peeling the skin

In addition to the facial scrub products that can be resorted to, you can prepare a scrub at home by mixing milk with sugar and a little lemon and exfoliating the face with it twice a week.

3- Apply a skin whitening mask

You can prepare this mask at home, by mixing milk with flour in addition to rose water until the mixture becomes cohesive.

Apply it on the skin and leave it for about 15 minutes before washing the skin with water.

4- Moisturizing the skin

This step you should do daily by using moisturizers suitable for your skin type. But be careful and do not over-apply moisturizer, as it may clog the pores of the face.

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5- Apply sunscreen

Do not forget to protect the skin from the sun's rays, which may lead to redness and darkening, by applying sunscreen.

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6- Resorting to after-sun creams

If your skin is exposed to the sun, you can resort to After Sun creams, which help calm the skin and treat the effects of the sun on it.

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