Correct Order To Apply Skincare Products In The Evening

The Correct order to apply skincare products in the night, Do you apply skin care products in the evening. But you notice that your skin does not benefit much from the ingredients of the products? Well besides creams may not be suitable for your face.

There may be a good chance that you are following the wrong order to apply your skincare products. Therefore, in order to obtain a result that highlights your beauty within weeks and benefit from the benefits of night creams.

Correct order of skincare routine here is the optimal and correct rule for skin care in the evening. Here is Correct way to apply skincare products in the evening.

Correct order to apply skincare
Correct order of skincare routine.

Correct order to apply skincare products in the evening

What is the correct order to apply skin care products, what is the correct order of a skincare routine. Here is correct way to apply skincare.

1- Use a makeup remover

First of all, From correct skincare steps. You have to remove the makeup from your face, to get rid of all cosmetic residues. The remnants of makeup clog the pores over time, resulting in blackheads and pimples.

2- Wash the skin with a facial cleanser

Now is the time to deeply cleanse your skin. With the appropriate face wash for your skin type, just as you would in the morning. This method will get rid of makeup residue permanently.

3- Use a skin scrub

Is it good to use a scrub? This step should be resorted to once or twice in the evening, no more, and after cleansing the skin. Use the appropriate scrub for your skin type, in order to get rid of dead skin. Whiten the face and increase its freshness.

4- Apply a night face mask

What step is an overnight mask? During long hours of sleep. You can take care of your skin through night masks, provided that you apply them twice a week, just like a scrub.

Take advantage of all the nutrients in the product, which penetrate into the cells to get a fresh skin. That is able to fight the signs of aging, moisturize the skin and increase freshness.

Can I use a sleeping mask every night?

provided that you apply them twice a week, just like a scrub.

5- Apply a skin toner

When to apply toner, Use a toner in the evening in order to maintain the balance of the skin's pH and moisture during the night hours.

This product also combats redness and irritation. Closes large pores, and plays an important role in moisturizing the skin.

To benefit more and more from the benefits of a skin toner, you must choose a suitable product for your skin type.

6- Resorting to medicated preparations

Of course, you should use medicated products if you suffer from skin problems such as pimples and acne. Go to it after applying the toner, to get better results, but if you do not have skin problems. Then move on to the next step, which is applying the serum.

7- Put the face serum

When to put serum on face. Use the serum of your choice according to the problem you are experiencing.

Put it on your fingers the size of a chickpea and apply it on your face and neck with a little massage. Do u put serum on before moisturizer after this step.

8- Apply eye cream

How to apply eye cream correctly if you thought that eye cream was only for mornings, you were seriously wrong. You should also apply this product in the evening due to its ability to nourish the skin of your eyes during the night hours.

Where to apply eye cream, Use the product that contains ingredients that fight fine lines around the eyes and work to tighten and lift them. Some preparations are composed of substances that help in cell regeneration during sleep, such as alpha hydroxide, retinol, peptides or vitamin C.

Use these products at night to get the desired result, because your skin is able to absorb these nutrients at this particular time.

Eye cream before moisturizer in addition, your skin at night will not compete with other products. Such as makeup to fight the sun's rays, pollution and other harmful environmental elements during the day.

9- Use night moisturizer cream

Can you use night cream during the day if you only. Apply creams and skincare products in the morning and during the day, you are committing a crime against your beauty.

Use a night cream It is very important to apply a night moisturizing cream. That treats the skin from the depth and preserves its youth, so why not take advantage of the night hours as well?!

Make sure to use a night cream before bed, and be sure that you will definitely enjoy hydrated, soft, healthy and blemish-free skin in the morning.

10- Apply facial oil to the skin

When to apply face oil. If your skin is very dry, you can finish your beauty routine in the evening, with this step. If you have oily or normal skin, you can just apply a moisturizing cream.

The use of facial oil after the cream, forms a protective barrier that prevents the dry air from absorbing moisture from the skin.

Also, this method helps the healing and moisturizing substances to penetrate deeper into the skin more effectively.

How to use facial oil

Put 5 drops of facial oil on your fingertips, then apply it to your skin. Face oil before or after moisturizer Avoid massaging your skin with facial oil as you normally would with a moisturizing cream, and pat. This method helps the skin to absorb the oil and benefit from it faster.

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