Dry skin in summer: So take these easy steps

Is your skin dry in summer? So, take these easy steps and enjoy a hydrated and fresh face. Dry skin during summer. If you think you are lucky that your skin is not dry, don't be too happy! Because your normal, combination or oily skin can simply turn dry, especially in the summer.

Environmental factors, an unhealthy diet, an excessive intake of caffeine... There are several reasons that lead to the dryness of your skin without knowing, which reduces its moisture and makes its texture more rough and not smooth.

What can I use for dry skin in summer? Here's how to restore moisture to your skin and enjoy a fresh and glowing appearance. Track reading article dry skin in summer and DIY moisturizer for dry skin.

Dry skin during summer
Dry skin in summer.

Dry skin during summer

Why is my skin very dry in summer? Important information: If your skin becomes dry over time, especially in this hot season, it means that there is a shortage of water that your skin needs.

DIY moisturizer for dry skin

Moisturizing the skin twice: Dry skin in summer reasons. In order to get rid of the dryness of your skin and restore its freshness again, be sure to apply a moisturizing cream twice a day; Morning or evening.

You can replace the moisturizing cream with natural ingredients in the evening (such as olive oil, rose water...) its homemade moisturizer for dry skin in summer that moisturize your skin from the depth, so that its elements penetrate into the skin cells.

Avoid using hot water

Avoid using hot water for dry skin during summer skin. Do you use hot water when washing your face or showering? So, you should stop this immediately, Do hot water makes skin dry? as hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and makes it dry and rough at the same time.

Therefore, you should wash your face and take a shower with lukewarm or cold water, to keep your skin hydrated for dry skin in summer.

Not giving up water

Dry skin during summer needs a lot of drink water, water, water... A step you should never neglect in your beauty routine!

As soon as you reduce drinking water, you will notice that your skin has become dry and not fresh, diy moisturizer for dry skin so you should drink plenty of water throughout the day so that you always moisturize your skin, especially in the summer. drinking water enough to moisturize skin.

Do not drink too much coffee

Why is my skin very dry in summer? Coffee causes dry skin in summer, because the caffeine in coffee prevents the body from retaining water, which makes the skin dry to become rough.

Therefore, you should reduce the consumption of coffee and replace it with water (as mentioned previously) or green tea.

Follow a healthy diet

How can I hydrate my skin in summer? If you notice that your skin is becoming dry day after day, this means that you should change the type of your food.

What foods will hydrate my skin?

We recommend that you include fruits, vegetables, nuts and milk in your diet. Spinach, watermelon, oranges and other water-rich foods will moisturize your skin again, as they contain a high percentage of water and vitamins that rid the skin of toxins and provide it with freshness.

Prevention of harmful sunlight

Prevention of harmful sun rays from. Dry skin in summer reasons, especially, your skin is exposed to the sun's rays, which strips it of moisture, and it burns and becomes very dry skin during summer.

Therefore, you must provide it with the necessary protection by applying a sunscreen that moisturizes your skin from the depths and stands up to the harmful rays of the sun.

What can I use for dry skin in summer? We also advise you to wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your skin twice as much.

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