when and how should you use retinol on the skin

retinol is one of the derivatives of vitamin A and is considered among the basic components that are included in the composition of skin care products.

its benefits are countless, it acts as a deadly weapon to preserve the youth of the skin and fight the signs of aging. therefore, it is one of the essential components that you must enter into your aesthetic routine.

but to take advantage of its benefits, you need to use it at the right age and apply it in the right way. from here to make the task easier for you, here's when and how to use retinol lotion.

how should you use retinol on the skin
how do you use retinol for best results.

how should you use retinol on the skin

1-benefits of retinol for the skin

  • reconstruction of damaged cells in the epidermis
  • fight wrinkles and fine lines.
  • give the skin freshness and fight dullness
  • fighting pimples and cleaning wide pores
  • treatment of pigmentation and acne.
  • fighting dryness and moisturizing the skin

2-when should retinol be used

start applying retinol at the age of 25

should you apply retinol you can use retinol starting from the middle age of twenty, i.e. 25 in order to avoid the appearance of fine lines at an early age it also protects the skin from sun damage such as dark spots and pigmentation.

apply retinol to the skin in the evening

to begin with, introduce retinol into the aesthetic routine, once to twice a week in the evening. make sure that the retinol percentage is low, i.e. 0.01% or 0.02%, to avoid dry skin, peeling and redness.

after that, you can gradually increase the number of times you use the retinol product and the percentage, depending on how your skin adapts to it.

retinol is good for your skin

3-how to apply retinol to the skin

choose the right retinol product formula according to skin type

determine the quality of your skin to find which retinol-rich product should you choose, serum, cream or gel. apply retinol in skin care routine.

  • retinol cream for dry skin: usually the formula of a cream rich in retinol is more moisturizing and lighter than the rest of the products. from here, in case you suffer from dry and cracked skin, should you moisturize retinol it is preferable to choose a cream, provided that it is rich in water.
  • liquid retinol for normal and mixed skin: liquid retinol usually comes in the form of a lotion, which you can use for face and body skin. it is characterized by a moderate composition of oils and water, so it is best suited for normal and combination skin.
  • retinol serum or retinol gel for oily skin: oily skin usually suffers from the problem of wide pores, accumulated fat and acne. hence, she needs a rather acute product to address these problems, such as retinol gel or retinol serum. in addition, make sure that it is oil-free.

start using a product that contains a light concentration of retinol

it is very necessary to choose the appropriate concentration of retinol product for your skin type, and you should also resort to a product that contains a light concentration of retinol, i.e. 0.01% or 0.02%, for example, and then gradually increase the percentage, depending on the endurance of your skin, in addition to doubling the number of times of use.

if you have retinol sensitive or dry skin, go for a product with a retinol content of 0.01% to 0.03%, as it does not cause any irritation to your face.

if you have oily skin, you can use a lotion that contains an average of 0.5% to 1%. these products can be used only according to the report of a specialist doctor.

if you have mixed or dull skin, go for a retinol product with a percentage between 0.04% and 0.1%. it is a mild rate that helps to even out the skin tone, reduce the secretion of oils, treat visible wrinkles and restore skin suppleness.

of course, it is preferable to consult a dermatologist, who will start with a light concentration and then work to increase the percentage of retinol contained in the product, according to the problem you also suffer from.

choose the correct order of application of retinol product

it is very important that you follow the correct order when applying a retinol product, to get all its benefits.

wash your face first and then apply it on your skin. then wait a few seconds before applying the rest of the care products, the most important of which is the moisturizing cream.

apply retinol to dry skin

after cleansing the skin, be sure to dry it well before applying retinol, in order to avoid any dryness and allergies.

do not apply too much retinol

apply retinol to the skin, in the amount of a pea. make sure that the fingers of the hand are clean before applying this product so that bacteria do not pass to your skin. which causes the appearance of various problems such as acne and others.

stop applying retinol the day before peeling

stop applying retinol the day before you resort to peeling or removing facial hair, in order to avoid allergies and skin irritation.

carefully choose lotions that can be used with a retinol product

the effectiveness of a retinol cream, gel or serum product increases with the use of other products within the skin care routine, namely:

  • exfoliator: resort to skin peeling, a simple step that will rid you of dead skin. and improve the moisture content of the skin, which allows retinol to give you better results. especially as it works on the deep layers of the skin to stimulate the production of new cells. be careful not to apply retinol the day before the peeling process. as we have already mentioned above, in order to avoid any irritations.

  • vitamin C serum: applying a serum of this vitamin before applying retinol lotion gives your skin stronger protection, stimulates collagen production, as well as helps retinol cream. and enhances its task in the production of new cells.

  • sunscreen: an important and essential step in your beauty routine whether you use retinol or not, but applying sunscreen over a preparation rich in vitamin A (such as retinol), E and C gives additional protection to the skin from UV rays. so after applying retinol in the evening, be sure to apply sunscreen in the morning.

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