Glassy Skin: If You Have Oily And Acne-Prone Skin

Steps to get a glassy skin, if you have oily and acne-prone skin. Glass skin or glassy face is a trend within the K-Beauty that took over the beauty world in 2017.

It is the skin that looks like shiny glass, this technique or method makes your skin look flawless so you look like you are applying face masks permanently.

However, on the other hand, you may avoid resorting to this method if you have oily skin, as you may worry about the possibility of making the skin look more oily.

Glassy skin: if you have oily and acne-prone skin
Glassy skin: if you have oily and acne-prone skin.

Steps to get a glassy skin, if you are prone to acne

Touch in sol pretty filter glassy skin balm if you want to have a glassy skin but is prone to permanent acne, all you have to do is try to address the root cause of this problem while taking steps to get the glass skin.

Double cleansing for oily skin

Can you double cleanse with the same product? Double cleaning with two products. Always start with an oil-based cleanser, and choose the right one for oily skin care. Failure to clean the pores leads to a negative reaction that leads to several problems.

Then use a gel cleanser. Double cleansing products Choose products that contain natural ingredients, as they are ideal for skin that tends to get a lot of inflammation.

Double cleansing face, A good cleaning routine gets to the root of breakouts; It preserves the skin, eliminates sebum production and can break the cycle of breakouts rather than just covering up the symptoms. Here is products double cleansing for acne prone skin.

Best double cleansing products

best double cleanse duo
Double cleanse duo.

  • LA MER cleansing gel.

best oil cleanser for double cleansing
Oil cleanser for double cleansing.

  • LA ROCHE posay LIPIKAR AP+ cleansing oil.

Toner application

Add a toner to your beauty routine, as it maintains the skin's pH balance and hydration.

Choose a product that also contains small amounts of AHA and BHA to keep skin looking radiant. The toner also gently removes the buildup of dead skin cells without causing cracks in the skin.

toner application face
COSRX AHA BHA toner application.

  • COSRX AHA BHA clarifying treatment toner.

PIXI glow tonic application
PIXI glow tonic application.

  • PIXI glow tonic.


Use the essence lotion, which maintains the moisture of the skin and prevents dryness.

Choose a product that contains Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize all layers of the skin, not just the surface. It's so light you won't feel like you've got anything on your skin.

drops of youth essence lotion
CAUDALIE vino perfect.

  • CAUDALIE vino perfect concentrated brightening essence

micro essence skin activating treatment lotion
DIOR hydra life.

  • DIOR hydra life sorbet water essence

Serum application

Serum application is the most important step in this beauty routine! Use a serum that does not include silicones or cleansers.

Nourish your skin with the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that the serum contains.

serum application on face
Serum application Vintner's.

  • Vintner's daughter active botanical serum

Skin Moisturizing

Moisturizer for oily skin before the last step, you should use a light moisturizer with its composition on the skin, especially those that are oily and prone to acne.

moisturizer for oily skin
Moisturizer for oily skin.

  • GLAMGLOW mega illuminating moisturizer.

best moisturizer for oily skin
Moisturizer for oily skin from LA MER.

  • LA MER the moisturizing soft cream.

Sunscreen cream

Apply sunscreen cream. Whether you have acne or not, this step is very important: Never give up sunscreen!

sun cream for men
Sunscreen cream from CLARINS.

  • CLARINS UV plus anti-pollution day screen multi-protection

Resort to ampoules

Resort to ampoules. This step is not necessary, but it gives a good glow and freshness to the skin. You can resort to the ampoule before or after applying the moisturizing cream.

Resort to ampoules from ESTEE lauder.

  • ESTEE lauder advanced night repair ampoules.


Gently apply this peel-off mask to the skin that contains a powerful blend of AHA and BHA. AHA gets rid of the traffic congestion of skin cells, while BHA is oil soluble and removes the lining of pores.

You can use it once or twice a week.

Gently apply this peel-off mask
Gently apply this peel-off mask.

  • Glow recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask

Choose a primer that is suitable for your skin and does not clog pores.

SEPHORA perfecting glow primer
primer from SEPHORA.

  • SEPHORA perfecting glow primer

Apply a light layer of makeup. Instead of using powder, for example, try concealing the blemishes with a thin layer of concealer.

TARTE shape tape glow wand
Light layer of makeup from TARTE.

  • TARTE shape tape glow wand

When it comes to makeup and skincare, avoid using large amounts of fragrance-based products.

Use a highlighter for an extra glow!

FENTY beauty diamond bomb all-over diamond veil
FENTY beauty diamond.

  • FENTY beauty diamond bomb all-over diamond veil

DOLCE & GABBANA solar glow ultra-light bronzing powder
DOLCE & GABBANA solar glow.

  • DOLCE & GABBANA solar glow ultra-light bronzing powder

GLAMGLOW GLOWSETTER makeup setting spray

  • GLAMGLOW GLOWSETTER makeup setting spray

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